Spectator Behavior

Important Guidelines for Exemplary Spectator Behavior

The following points will be strongly enforced by all coaches during games. Please do not be offended if you are reminded of these guidelines:


  • Please sit at least 3 feet from the sidelines. This allows room for proper play and throw ins. By keeping a distance from the sidelines it is also easier to keep small children from entering the field.
  • Cheer on your child and the team, but DO NOT COACH THEM. A Player learns best by making his/her own playing decisions. Telling him/her when or how to move, pass, shoot or dribble, etc., is not appropriate and it does not help them to play better. Coaches spend time teaching skills and strategy during practice sessions and then let the players play on Game Day with occasional instructions from the sidelines and pointers at the bench during breaks.
  • Good play by either team is reason to applaud. Sportsmanship means not only being a gracious winner, but also a graceful loser.
  • Always support the Referee, even when you disagree with the call. Never speak to or about a referee except to alert he/she of an injury on the field. The Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) enforces a "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy towards spectator or coach dissent or abuse and it is the responsibility of the coach to control game spectators.