In Town Duties

Check list - In-town Referee 
__ I have read the:  __ LYS In-town rules  __ Travel 6v6 rules  __ Travel 8v8 rules  __ Laws of the Game 
__ Wear correct referee uniform, Shirt (Gold w/ black stripes), solid black shorts, black socks, black footwear 
__ Ref bag, ref watch, 2 whistles, red\yellow cards, flags, pencils, pens, flip coin, water 
__ Get to the field at least 15 -30 minutes early! 
__ Don’t socialize before game, Do not play with game ball 
__ Check the field.  Make sure the goals are anchored. DO NOT play the game if goals are not secure. 
__ Know which colored lines you are using, for fields with multiple colors 
__ Introduce yourself to both coaches. 
__ Game sheet – fill out completely – (your name, date, time, team colors, final score, Div 1 or 2) 
__ Have both coaches sign the game sheet, no rosters needed for intown 
__ No one allowed behind the goal area 
__ Team Check-in - Line players up in a straight line and check the following: 
__ Shin guards – All players must have them covered by socks. They cannot play without shin guards. 
__ Cleats – No metal spikes, sneakers are okay. 
__ Jewelry - No jewelry rope bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, etc. medical tags can be taped to body 
__ Don’t tell them to take jewelry off, just say they can’t play in the game. 
__ No hats with a hard brim, no hard casts 
__ Tell the kids to be careful not to push, trip or slide tackling and to stop when they hear the whistle 
__ Ask the coaches if they have any questions. 
__ Coaches and players on 1 side, all fans on the opposite side, everyone is 3 feet from touch lines. 
__ IMPORTANT - Start the game on time as there is usually another game immediately following.  
__ When making the call – explain your call, speak loud for kids coaches and fans to hear. 
__ Substitutes must come in from the center line 
__ Use you hand signals! Know the mechanics for direct kick, indirect kick 
Make sure you look and act like a referee and look professional!


Please let me know of any issues with coaches, players or parents – I need to know ASAP


All In-town game sheets are handed or sent via email or snail mail to: 


             Scott D. Houle                                                                        

Leominster Referee Director                                             

           50 Washington St.                                                              
           Leominster, MA 01453                         
           Home: 978-840-4686     Cell: 978-502-3974                                                                  
           [email protected]