Refund Policy

LYS has implemented the following refund policy.  If you are going to request a refund please be aware that:

  • Registration refund requests must be submitted 7 or more days before registration closes.  A $20 administration fee will be deducted from all registration refunds to cover administrative and league fees.
  • No registrations will be refunded within 7 days of registration closing or after registration closes.
  • All registration refunds must be made to the registrar   [email protected]


Effective 10/24/2016

No Pets Policy

No animals (dogs or other pets) are allowed on LYS fields.

No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy

There is no smoking (tobacco or otherwise) at any LYS soccer fields.   This includes cigarettes, water pipes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes.


Leominster Youth Soccer uses the fields owned by the City and the Recreation Department. The City and Recreation Department have implemented a No Smoking Policy (that includes e-cigarettes) at all municipal owned parks and playgrounds pursuant to M.G.L. Ch 270 22j 

COVID Policy

CDC site on COVID symptoms -     https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

If you develop any symptoms after you attend an event please email [email protected] immediately


1. Be Responsible – If you, or your Player, has a fever or other signs of a possible illness please do not come to any practice, scrimmage or game.
LYS reserves the right to ask any individual who appears ill to leave the LYS grounds.

2. Notifications -  If LYS is notified that there was a COVID contact that occured during an LYS event, including games and practices, LYS will take efforts to contact all teams who may have came in contact with the infected individual, but LYS will not identify the infected individual.

3. Masks – At this time MYSA does NOT require players wear face masks while playing.  We will update you if MYSA's rules change. 

4. Social Distancing – Please give space to other families while on the LYS grounds.  This includes sitting away from the sidelines of the fields. 

5. Strict Time Frames – LYS has staggered the sessions to limit the number of individuals on the fields and grounds at any time. We ask that Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Spectators only appear during their designated session times to allow social distancing to occur. 

6. Equipment – As with prior seasons, each Player needs to bring the following items with them to each practice/skills session/scrimmage – ball, water bottle, cleats, shin guards, a light shirt and a dark shirt (to avoid the use of pennies). In addition, each player should bring hand sanitizer.


7. No Unscheduled Activities – All practices, scrimmages, and games must be pre-scheduled with LYS. Pick-up games or practices on LYS grounds are not allowed.


8. Patience – We ask for your patience as we navigate another season with COVID.  We have constantly changing guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Leominster, Massachusetts Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer that we must follow to have a season.  Screaming/confronting/arguing with Board Members or Coaches will not change the rules.  LYS reserves the right to remove any person who is not following rules from the LYS grounds. 


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,
Leominster Youth Soccer Board of Directors