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A reminder of rules at the fields: 









LYS has ZERO tolerance for disrespect against the referees, boards members, coaches, or other volunteers so please be respectful. 

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When does the season begin and how long will it run?

The Spring season runs from early April through early June.  We play every week with the exception of Easter Day and Memorial Day weekend.   The fall season runs from early Sept through early Nov. with no games Columbas Day weekend.

Where are the games held?

All In Town games are played at the Samoset field on DeCicco Dr.  For directions to the field, click the name of the field in the table above.  To see the layout of where to go once you get to the field, please see the In Town Field Layout/Location.

We do not live in Leominster, can my child still play for Leominster Youth Soccer?

Because our In Town Program is Leominster teams playing against Leominster Teams, we are able to accept kids that do not live in our town. Once a child is old enough to go to our Travel Program, he/she must either live in Leominster, go to school in Leominster, or live in a town that does not offer a soccer program in order to play for Leominster Youth Soccer.

What equipment does my child need?

Your child will need to have shin pads covered with soccer socks, a size 3 ball and a water bottle at every practice and game.  Soccer cleats are required for Divisions 1 and 2.  While soccer cleats are not required for Divisions 3 and 4, they are highly recommended since they help with traction when the field is wet.  Please be sure your child does not wear baseball cleats.  Baseball cleats have a cleat at the tip of the toe that can be dangerous to other players.  Also, please be aware that jewelry is NOT allowed while on the soccer field.  All jewelry, including stud earrings, must be removed before play begins.

I haven't heard anything. When will I find out what team my child is on?

We hold a coaches meeting 2 to 3 weeks before the beginning of the season.  Coaches receive their rosters at this meeting and begin contacting their players shortly after.  You should receive an email or a call from your coach a week to 2 weeks before the beginning of the season.

My child is old enough to play in the Travel Program, but I want him/her to remain in the In Town Program. Is there a way to keep him/her in the In Town Program?

Unfortunately, once a child is 8 and/or in the 3rd grade, we are unable to keep them in the In Town Program.

How are the teams formed?

In Town Teams are broken up into 4 different age groups, and boys and girls play on the same team.

  • 4/5 year olds (Pre-K)
  • 5/6 year olds (Kindergarten)
  • 6/7 year olds (1st Graders)
  • 7/8 year olds (2nd Graders)

Placement on a team within a division is essentially random.  Teams are NOT formed by neighborhood or which school the child attends.  Each season we try to balance the teams by gender and numbers, therefore players are not guaranteed to stay on the same team from season to season.  Also, due to the large number of players in LYS, we are unable to take special requests for team placement except for special circumstances.

When are the games?

Games are always on Sundays.  Please check the schedule to determine the exact time for your child's game.

When are practices?

Divisions 3 and 4 (Kindergarten and Pre-School) do not practice during the week.  They have a half hour practice followed by a half hour game on Sundays.  Divisions 1 and 2 (Second and First Grade) have a 1 hour practice during the week.  Practices can be Monday - Friday and begin as early as 5:00 and as late as 6:30.  Your coach chooses the practice time.

When will my child get his/her uniform?

Your child will get his/her uniform either at the first game or the first practice.  If you do not have the uniform before the first game, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to give the coach a chance to pass out the uniforms.

I would like my children to play on the same team, but they are different ages. Is this possible?

Our In Town program is split into 4 divisions by age. Division 4 is for 4/5 year olds (typically Pre-K kids), Division 3 is for 5/6 year olds (typically Kindergarten kids), Division 2 is for 6/7 year olds (typically 1st graders), and Division 1 is for 7/8 year olds (typically 2nd graders). Kids must be 4 by Sept 1 to play in the fall and Apr 1 to play in the spring.

I have registered late. How do I know if my child has made it on a team?

We try very hard to get every child that wants to play on a team.  If the division that your child plays in has filled up, then the In Town Director will contact you to let you know.  At that point, your child would be placed on a waiting list to see if a spot opens up.  If your child does not get placed on a team, your full registration fee will be refunded.

I am confused about the dates. When is my child old enough to play?

Our in town program is set up for children between the ages of 4 and 8.  A child must 4 by Sept 1 to play in the fall and 4 by April 1 to play in the spring.  A child in grades 3-8 must play in our Travel league.

My child just got her/his ears pierced. Can she/he wear her earrings while playing soccer if we cover them?

No.  Leominster Youth Soccer is affiliated with he Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League and we follow the rules that they put forth.  All jewelry is considered dangerous and is not tolerated.  Exceptions are made for Medical Id Bracelets, which must be taped down with athletic tape.

Are the rules listed somewhere?

Yes.  The rules that all of Leominster Youth Soccer follows may be found in the NVYSL Bylaws.  These rules are written specifically for travel teams.  In Town teams follow the rules for the U10, 7v7 travel team with a few differences.  To view these differences, see the In Town Rules.