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Leominster, MA
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President’s Letter

Greetings Soccer Families,

We have had some changes within Leominster Youth Soccer organization leading into this spring 2015 season.  One of these changes came in January when Gabor Romhanyi decided to step down as President after many years of service. During that January board meeting it was determined and unanimously voted that there should be a President and Vice President to be elected. After some discussion and all votes were cast and counted it was determined that I (Scott D. Houle) would be President and Rebecca Grautski would be Vice President. Both of us have been involved with board and Leominster Youth Soccer in other capacities and would continue to handle those duties as well. As many of you know Rebecca Grautski has been our In-town director for many seasons and does an outstanding job in that capacity. I have been the Referee director for the past five years and will continue to handle those duties until a suitable replacement can be found and trained.

As you all know that Mother Nature has not been kind to us this past winter and the weather did not cooperate for the season to begin on schedule.  A fair amount of adjustments have been required to accommodate for a late start with practices and games. Despite the late start, we have a healthy number of boys and girls participating in our In-town league with a total of twenty eight (28) teams, as well as ten (10) boys and nine (9) girls travel teams. It is always great to see all the players on the fields and parents enjoying the game of soccer. 

The board has many endeavors we are trying plan and implement within 2015 that I would like report.

Web Site

Several years ago, we started to use an external system to streamline our registration process on www.leominsteryouthsoccer.org. There is a vast amount of information that can benefit you as well as our coaches and operating board members. We continually update it with a variety of information regarding registration, fundraising events, camps clinics, practice schedules and field cancellations.    

Player Evaluations, Rankings and Roster Placement

The operating board has identified that our existing player evaluation process was in need of an extensive review and we have already begun implementing some necessary changes.  We are now beginning evaluations with our oldest level in-town players in order to create an accurate baseline of data that will enable us to rate and track them once they become eligible to be placed on travel teams.

Secondly, we are also adjusting how and who will be evaluating and rating our various aged boys and girls participating in our travel teams/programs.  This will ensure that we are able to place the appropriate players with the proper ability and skills on the teams in which they can compete and fully enjoy the game of soccer. This process is not an exact science, but we will strive to continually improve it and it will require input from our most experienced, licensed coaches, as well as our player and coaching director – Geoff Anthony.

Lastly, it has become apparent that there may be some misconceptions regarding the roster placement of players from one season to the next, and the protocol of it. This is a very sensitive matter to the operating board.  We fundamentally want to field the most competitive teams in each of the age groups for both the boys and girls teams that will be competing in the MTOC levels, especially in the spring season which is considered to be the competitive tournament season by the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer, the league in which we participate. Upon completion of the final roster selection process we will be in communication with the coaches, players and parents prior to release.

Operating Board

I’m happy to report that we have an active, strong and vibrant group of volunteers that make up the operating board and they are dedicated to keep Leominster Youth Soccer moving forward as well as provide enjoyment for all involved. The operating board has a lot of board members that wear multiple hats to keep the association running. We would like to recognize all board members for their hard work during the seasons.

However, we need to continue to look ahead and start identifying parents who can step into important board positions now or in the near future. Therefore we are looking for volunteers to help out or be trained in the roles of the following positions; Communications Director, In-town Director, Snack Bar Director, and Referee Director. If you are interested in helping out in any of these positions or in any other capacity please contact myself or any of the current LYS board members.

Snack Shack and Fields

Despite the unfortunate incidents and situations that occurred in the fall regarding the snack shack we had unbelievable outpouring of community assistance, support in terms of donations, etc.  Therefore we were able to have a security system installed, purchase new equipment and locks, and give the interior a new bright paint job. The operating board will continue to work with the Recreational Department and review potential field expansion opportunities to find a long term solution to the problem of space needed for our growing organization. As you can see there are a number of initiatives the operating board is working on in order to improve our organization.

As always, all suggestions and feedback are much appreciated. Feel free to reach out to myself or any current board member.

Have a great spring soccer season!


Scott D. Houle                                       Rebecca Grautski

President, Leominster Youth Soccer                          Vice President, Leominster Youth Soccer

(Email: )           (Email: RGrautski@Leominsteryouthsoccer.org)